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If you are familiar with a word processor, our CMS (Content Management System) allows you to update your Web site content -breaking news, featured & related links, your very own interactive poll, and all other content. (If it?s a word or picture, it's content!)

You create, edit and update your site content with absolutely no technical expertise required!

CMS Features:

  • Easy site management via a friendly 'wysiwyg' html editor
  • No HTML skills are necessary
  • Approver workflow process
  • Friendly navigation system
  • Verity K2 keyword search
  • Contains staging/test area and live area
  • Ability to publish pages to live site
  • Login remembrance system
  • Easy image management
  • Ability to upload documents; ie; MS-Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Expiration reminders
  • Voting Poll
  • Easy cascading style sheet management
  • Page audit trail
  • Password protect entire site or sections of site
  • Automatic site map builder
  • Page hit counter
  • Advanced edit feature
  • Version control, lockout feature
  • Preview mode




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