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"I've got a great idea!" was the brainchild of two web developers who were looking for an outlet for their creative ideas and thoughts and who felt there was a need for websites to be maintained by their respective owners and not be dependent on an outside firm or designer.

Icecoldfusion's idea took shape and is now actively designing websites for not only small businesses, startups, and individuals but also offering advanced services to large companies and corporations..

We began by providing only Web design and Content Management services and have grown over the years to become a full service Web company, offering Web design, Web hosting, database development and programming, domain name registration, eCommerce, search engine promotion, and more.

Although we have continued to grow over the years, we are still able to maintain a personal interest in each new project, and we strive to help our clients reach their goals. After all, it's your Website!

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273 Redwood Court
Ramsey, N.J. 07446
Phone: 201.800.3592     Fax: 201.905.0070
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